Blooming Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers it is time to speak up . . . again.
Cannabis is the Gateway to Health that has been hidden long enough.

Many Boomers have been establishing and enforcing our freedom of choice for the use of the controversial cannabis plant for many years.

Today the controversy continues and the public understanding of this plant is growing.

I gather research on the use of cannabis for relief of symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, and other diseases. The primary weakness found in this research is the lack of research primarily due to the illegality still pending this medicine.

I will continue to research this amazing plant for its mental, physical and emotional benefits however I am interested in your story. As a Boomer, what was your lifestyle as a young child, young adult, marijuana use or not? I am interested in its use for some people, the length of time used and how it affects your health today. I am also researching the concept of CBD which helps to “Calm your Body Down” and THC helps a “Total Head Control.” Boomers suffering from symptoms of forgetfulness could be stimulated with THC to increase clearer thought processes allowing for acknowldgemnt and understanding of natural solutions to promote a balanced lifestyle.

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